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Check Out These Queer Game Jams for Pride Month

by Edwin Chris
Banner image for the Trans Rep Jam 2024

While the Queer Games Bundle is well under way—at the time of this writing, it’s raised almost $25k for queer game developers in only a third of its run time—it is not the only big gay event happening during Pride month on itch.io. There’s more than a few queer game jams going on right now, and that’s where the true heart of indie game development lives.

One of the most interesting parts of indie game development is how close you can get to the sausage making process. There’s several gay game jams going on right now for Pride month. These jams welcome all queer coders to a quick game-making challenge. They run the gamut of genre and emotion; if your queer and make any sort of digital work at all, one of these game jams might inspire you to make something new.

There’s a Jam For Everyone

For example, there’s the “Queer Joy Jam.” The International Game Developers Association, or the IGDA, hosts this jam. Founded in 1994, the IGDA is a global network supporting game developers through community networking, professional development, and advocacy on issues like intellectual property, working conditions, and diversity. The themes of this jam are soft and uplifting, a challenge to make positive and light media in contrast to the frequently dark and tragic tales that fall upon queer media.

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But maybe dark is what you want. Maybe you have a little fire in your heart, and grit in your teeth. So, for you, there’s the “Queer Wrath Jam.” Hosted by TitanomachyRPG, creator of the innovative Caltrop Core TTRPG, the Queer Wrath Jam is centered around the release of rage and frustration. One hundred developers have already joined. And, of the submissions that have arrived early at the time of this writing, all are physical games. In summary, TTRPG fans will want to keep their eyes on this one.

Finally, we have the Trans Rep Jam. This jam promotes exactly what you think it does: more Trans representation in video games! Hosted by Hatoge, creator of the well regarded RPG horror Sofia, this Jam is broad in genre/theme and runs for a solid two months. As before, in the wild west of indie game development, there’s a community and a challenge waiting for any and all gay creators.

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