Mick Stallone and Manuel Skye Are the Fitness (and Sex) Gurus We Need

Who needs crunches when you can watch these two fitness fanatics go at it, all while filming themselves for the 'gram?

Now this is the type of at-home workout I could really get behind (or on top of).

First, don’t do it at home: Rent a luxurious hotel room. Second, don’t do it alone: Invite Mick Stallone over to do some light stretching and yoga with you. Second, don’t focus too much on the workout; just get to the part where you’re both naked and one of you is getting rammed with a rock-hard cock. Where is this virtual training session, I ask you? Granted, Manuel starts filming their workout for his IG, but no way they’d allow that to get posted.

In the meantime, enjoy the sexy genius of Manuel Skye, his diamond-cut abs, and the load he sprays all over Mick’s eager face in Bare Warm Up.


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