Muscle Daddy Myles Landon Can’t Get Over How Good Austin Is at Taking His Dick

There's no way Mr. Landon can resist his petite boy now that he knows he's secretly a cock-hungry bottom!

A few days have passed since Mr. Landon fucked his son Austin during his check-up with Dr. Legrand Wolf. Back at home, the tall, muscular daddy finds Austin hanging out on his bunk bed. His tight, tiny body is irresistible to the older man, and he quickly strips Austin down to enjoy it.

“Oh that feels so good!” Austin whimpers as Mr. Landon sucks his cock and then worships his tight pucker. Bending him over on the lower bunk, he continues licking and kissing his boy’s hole, knowing how it drives Austin crazy. And he wants Austin horned up and ready to take every inch of his massive cock inside that petite body!

All that foreplay has Austin eagerly getting on his knees to show his old man some appreciation, and Mr. Landon looks on in wonder as his thick shaft stretches Austin’s mouth. He can actually see his cock in the boy’s throat, and that’s enough for him—he needs to be balls deep in this boy, and he needs it now!

Austin braces himself on the bunk bed’s ladder as Mr. Landon thrusts into him slowly. Too slowly—Austin can’t wait and starts fucking himself on the fat cock. That’s exactly what Mr. Landon has been waiting for. He quickly takes control of the boy’s body, fucking him in every position imaginable until Austin begs him to breed his hole!


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