Watch Boy Blake Take Both Master Legrand and Hot Daddy Myles

Master Legrand is increasingly turned on by how much his friend Myles lusts for his boy—and his boy is getting hornier by the second from being around these two hot men!

Showing off his round, lightly haired butt, slave boy Blake made a good showing of his naked body and hole, intentionally trying to entice Master Myles. Master Legrand watched as Myles could not stop feeling the boy, coveting him and lusting after him.

Myles knows that the boy is Master Legrand’s, but he appreciates a beautiful, young specimen just like his colleague. Legrand seeing Myles want something of his so badly sent a charge right to his dick. It wasn’t long before Myles had his cock out, stroking it as he watched Blake turn his attention to Legrand’s monster monster.

Blake took him between his lips, staring up at him with devotion and submission. But seeing Legrand’s eyes directing him, Blake turned his gaze to Master Myles, locking eyes with him as he serviced his master. Legrand watched Myles salivating, thinking of his mouth on the ass of his friend’s property…



STORY: Boy Blake
CHAPTER 3: The Prize

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