Austin Has Been a Very Good Boy, and Gets to Unwrap Uncle Mitch This Christmas

Sure, they could go upstairs for some privacy. But why interrupt their staircase blowjobs when they could potentially get caught under the mistletoe?

Young Austin loves decorating the family vacation house for the holidays. He cherishes revisiting each and every one of his Christmas memories as he pulls the decorations out of their boxes and finds the perfect place for them. This year, wanting to impress Uncle Mitch, Austin even decides it’s time to hang the mistletoe himself.

Standing on the ladder, he turns to his uncle for advice. “How’s this look?” he asks. Mitch, wearing his red union suit, thinks it looks good. But he thinks it looks even better when Austin jokingly holds the mistletoe over his bulge. “We could play,” Austin suggests, and his uncle immediately agrees.

Mitch starts eagerly sucking the boy’s cock, with Austin holding onto the ladder for balance as waves of pleasure roll up from his dick and throughout his body. “Get down from the ladder,” Mitch commands, then sits on the staircase while Austin stands above him, happily fucking his uncle’s face.

As Austin loses himself in the feeling, Mitch reaches behind him and carefully unbuttons the rear flap of his gray union suit, exposing the plump cheeks of his boy ass. He sucks and fingers his happy nephew until Austin can’t wait any longer and bends over the staircase. After tenderly attending to Austin’s hole with his tongue, Mitch is ready for his own pleasure and moves onto his back so that Austin can be the good little cocksucker he needs to be.

They could go upstairs, but neither one of them is in any rush to find a more private area. Knowing that a surprise visitor could walk in on them at any minute only heightens their desire. That’s why Mitch bends Austin over the stairs and slides his fat uncle dick into his nephew’s butt.

“That feels so good,” Austin gasps as Mitch realizes just how tight the boy is. He barebacks Austin doggy style on the stairs for a while before moving him to the ladder again. Slipping out of his union suit, the older man is even more turned on by being naked while his nephew is still fully dressed, just his little butt revealed by his pajamas.

Despite his nakedness, Mitch feels even more dominant over Austin, grabbing him by the hip and shoulder and making sure Austin knows who is in charge. And just to make absolutely certain, he deeply and thoroughly breeds his nephew, before slamming his cock back into him to wring every last sensation out of their encounter.

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