Life For Trailer Trash Boys Just Seems a Lot Hornier, Especially for Devin Franco

Imagine being steps away from horny neighbors with big dicks like Isaac. Where is this park, and can we move in?

Just a quick question, before we dive into this Trailer Trash Boys release, starring Devin Franco and Isaac: Where is Lot 45, and is there a waitlist to move in? New York City is fine, but it doesn’t have the hot cocks and drool-inducing asses this trailer park does!

And of course Devin lives there, because cockhounds gotta hunt and he’s always ready to bend over and let a hung top give him his big dick. Isaac is no exception. Innocently standing outside his camper, minding his own business, he’s as subject to lust as any red-blooded man… and Devin is just begging to get banged. Isaac is as kind as he is hung, so he happily obliges and… well, I hope there’s a cleaning crew on site because these boys blow huge loads.

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