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French Pig Sniffs Sweaty Sneakers Before Intense Fuck Session

by Tony Bullock

These two sexy French studs are just what Jalif fans are looking for: early twenties, sex-crazed, rough around the edges and up for anything. These guys live to fuck!

Alex and Emilien kiss passionately on the couch; locking lips and locking minds. Their jeans and T-shirts show off the thick silver chains around their necks. Stud Alex has a diamond stud in his ear. They’re both horned up and ready to roll.

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Emilien cups one of Alex’s sneakers in his hand before pulling it off and bringing it up to his nose to savor that damp, heady, seductive aroma. He nods subtly: it’s time to take things up a notch…

It’s not long before both young men are naked and the true size of Emilien’s meat becomes apparent. Alex immediately drops down on his knees; his throat, lips and mouth all hungrily dedicating themselves to pleasuring that giant beast.

Alex next lowers himself onto Emilien’s lap, and man, it’s a long journey from tip to balls! Half way down, Emilien becomes impatient and starts to thrust himself hard and fast into Alex’s ass. Things jump to the next level when Alex starts to throw his full weight into repeatedly bouncing up and down on Emilien’s rock hard shaft.

Emilien is teaching a masterclass in topping. He stretches Alex out on the sofa, hammering him from the front, using every muscle in his torso and legs to power slam his cock repeatedly into Alex. It won’t be long before cum is flying everywhere!

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