The Sex Is Hot, the Set Is Beige in New Dillon Diaz-Vincent O’Reilly Release

One might say that this scene includes a big taupe—but that would detract from what Dillon does to Vincent with his dick.

I’m obsessed with this color scheme of the room in this Falcon release, starring Dillon Diaz and Vincent O’Reilly. Surely the set decorator walked around proudly calling it “50 shades of beige,” right? I mean, the chair and the sex throw? And the rug and the walls.

Thank god after a while I stopped craving oatmeal and started craving cock, and that’s entirely due to the chemistry between Dillon and Vincent. (Also, Vincent, please contact me with your yoga routine because that’s some flexibility I could use in my own life!)

Watching Vincent take Dillon’s big bareback dick is more than enough to spice up this former Nancy Myers’ film set, frankly. Which just goes to show that if you’re feeling your living room is getting a little drab, you just need to distract your guests with hot, hardcore bareback fucking. Trust me. It works.

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