How Was Your Week, Darling?: AOC Whines, Trump Blusters, Bachmann Bellows

The takedowns and hot takes this week in the life of Ken Darling.

The TLC Required by AOC

[Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] has the safest seat in the House. She is worshipped by millions. She has more power than any backbencher in history. The Democratic Party is in the midst of the fight of its life trying to grab those two additional seats in the Senate to allow us to do anything in the country that is not divided between moderates and progressives but between knuckle-draggers and people who believe in the germ theory of disease. Yet, she wants us all to stop and tell her how wonderful she is and make sure she has a little less stress in her life. And “progressives” wonder why ordinary people can’t stand them.


And Now, the End Is Near

Deep breaths, folks. Yes, McConnell is lying and damaging the country by pretending Trump has a path to victory to appease his thundering ego and clinical narcissism, but the facts will crush that fantasy soon enough—and Trump will be stompin’ mad at the Republicans for failing him. He could very well turn on them. I predict Trump will blow-up the Republican Party before he stomps off the stage and into the courtroom where state prosecutors are ready to put him and his grifter family in prison.

Those two Georgia Republicans needed to give Moscow Mitch the Senate gavel could be his last victims. This is far from over—and Republicans could be even bigger losers.


Overwhelm and Subsume

I support Joe Biden’s call to reunite the union, to see Trump supporters as our fellow Americans, political opponents, not enemies.

But this political reconciliation can be done only after we have completely and thoroughly divorced ourselves from that half of Trump’s supporters who are utterly brainwashed religious fanatics like Michele Bachmann; crypto-fascists who openly embrace white supremacy like Steve Bannon, and hate-filled conspiratorialists without morals or even basic human decency like Alex Jones. Those people may love their children and keep their lawns green but they are a threat to our democracy, even our survival as a species. They must be kept far from political power and isolated, not accommodated.

But at the same time we must decouple from these true threats to democracy and humanity the merely resentful and angry, those white folks sick of being called racists by cultural elites and self-appointed finger-wagers, ordinary people who despise the sanctimony and censoriousness of “wokeness” so much they fell into the arms of a horrid, opportunistic buffoon, just for the pleasure of sticking their critics in the eye. We can forgive these people, respect them as fellow citizens, perhaps even apologize for our snobbish contempt as we ask them to see our humanity, too, and give them a reason to rejoin the American mainstream, even if we don’t want to live next-door to them. The feeling is mutual.

But Bachmann, Bannon, Jones and their ilk must be overwhelmed and subsumed, not forgiven and embraced.

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