The Holidays Just Got a Little Sexier With Newly Announced LGBTQ+ TV Movie ‘Dashing in December’

In this one, a guy from the big city comes home and discovers that life at a slower pace is often a recipe for true love!

Pablo Di Pace, Peter Porte, and Andie MacDowell in Dashing in December

Christmas may be just six weeks away, but that doesn’t mean that holiday movies aren’t still being announced! Giving The Setup a run for its pink dollars, the Paramount Network has released a trailer for Dashing in December, starring out actors Pablo Di Pace and Peter Porte.

And guess what? This one features a prodigal son who returns from the Big City ready to look down on provincial life, only to be charmed and won over by the down-to-earth, unpretentious attitudes of his family and one very hunky local guy! (Playing the grounded maternal figure here is Andie MacDowell, last represented during the holiday season with 2017’s Christmas Inheritance).

So who will wear the plaid better: The Setup or Dashing in December? And how is it possible that everyone keeps remaking TV series but there are always 100 original holiday movies every year? We’ll at least have an answer to the first question by December 13, when Dashing in December premieres on the Paramount Network (yes, that’s a real network).

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