How Many of These 2021 Lammy Finalists Have You Read?

Among the nominees for the Lambda Literary Awards this year are Garth Greenwell, Booker winner Douglas Stuart, and more.

Forget the Oscars—if you want to celebrate some LGBTQ+ nominations today, look no further than the 2021 Lambda Literary Award finalists, just announced!

Slated for a June 1 virtual ceremony, the awards recognize queer excellence in the written word, including Garth Greenwell, Booker Prize–winning Shuggie Bain by Douglas Stuart, a biography of James Beard, and more. For a full list of nominees, visit

How many of these have you read—and what do you want to read next?

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Lesbian Fiction

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Gay Fiction

Bisexual Fiction

Transgender Fiction

Bisexual Nonfiction

Transgender Nonfiction

LGBTQ Nonfiction

Lesbian Poetry

Gay Poetry

Bisexual Poetry

Transgender Poetry

Lesbian Memoir/Biography

Gay Memoir/Biography


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