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Hades is Coming to iOS on March 19th through Netflix

by Edwin Chris
Official artwork of bare-chested, dual-colored eye Zagreus from Hades.

2020’s indie smash roguelite hit—and daddy issue simulator—Hades has been just about everywhere in terms of releases. And for good reason: even in the critically acclaimed catalog like developer Supergiant Games (Transistor, Bastion), Hades stands as both their biggest hit and, arguably, their best game.

However, despite protagonist Zagreus’s bisexual twink ass gracing nearly every platform, including its original launch on macOS, Hades had yet to appear on iOS. That’s about to change four years later, and of all companies, it’s Netflix getting in on it.

Combining wicked, high octane game-play, a fascinating story set in Greek mythology, and the ability to gay-romance Death himself, Hades holds a lot of interest for gamers of all stripes, and deservedly so. For many people it was their 2020 game of the year, and given its high reputation, its perhaps unsurprising that it’s still getting new releases.

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The reason for the re-release on a new platform is almost certainly to snag the remaining few that haven’t played the game yet ahead of its upcoming sequel:

Whereas Hades was for bisexuals (male main character), Hades II seems to promise to be for bisexuals (female main character.) As to how similar or in-depth the game-play will be for the upcoming sequel, no one will really know until the game enters early access later this year. From the mouths of Supergiant themselves, the “Early Access” period was instrumental to the success of the original Hades, and they intend to take full advantage of a similar path for the new game:

We don’t yet know exactly how long it will take us to get to v1.0 of Hades II, as our experience developing in Early Access has taught us (among many things) to expect the unexpected. For now, our focus is to keep building core content — environments, characters, weapons, Boons, story events, music, and more — as we gear up for our Technical Test and Early Access launch in Q2 this coming year. Thank you again for your patience and support as we work to ensure our first sequel meets our standards, and hopefully yours, too!

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