Bisexual Superstar Dante Colle on His Tattoos, Fighting Stigma, and His Weird Time With Corbin Fisher

And no—his tattoo is not a nod to the Amy Adams movie 'Arrival.'

Over the last few years, Dante Colle has become one of the most recognizable faces in porn. Partly that’s because he has one of the great faces in porn, one that morphs from plangent to purple devil emoji with ease, all puppy dog eyes filled with lust. But don’t underestimate the power of an instantly recognizable tattoo, either.

“No one knows what it is!” Dante Colle says with a good-natured laugh during his interview on The Gay Goodies. “Some people are like, ‘Is that a horseshoe?’ And you’d be surprised the amount of people who are like, ‘Oh man, is that from Arrival?'”

“I won’t lie—I got it because I thought it looked cool.”
—Dante Colle

No, Colle is not sporting a tattoo inspired by Denis Villeneuve’s 2016 alien movie starring Amy Adams. The symbol on his chest is actually the sacred symbol ensō in Zen Buddhism that he got when he was 19. “I won’t lie—I got it because I thought it looked cool,” he admits. “But two years down the line I realized it was at that moment in my life when there was a huge spiritual shift.”

Colle and his tattoo have been riding a wave of adulation for a few years now, culminating in the 2021 XBIZ Awards, where he was the recipient of the surprise Performer of the Year Award, an award that includes gay and straight performers. A genuinely stunned Colle took to his Twitter shortly after to share his thanks.

The victory was hard-won, though Colle minimizes the struggles he faces as a bisexual model in the industry. He points out that he’s been fortunate in having directors go to bat for him against models who turn up their nose at working with a performer who also works on the gay side.

That’s a long way from his first years in the business, when he was working with Corbin Fisher. Colle cites it has the first time he felt like a “porn star,” but for all the wrong reasons. Hear why he says they “weren’t the best people to work for,” plus how his first gay kiss was on the set of his first gay porn, why his high school mascot was The Blazers—actually, no one knows the answer to that— and more in the video below!

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  1. Dante Colle was one of the first, what I thought at the time, gay models, Iiked. I soon saw some things that made me feel uncomfortable and I could never get that same feeling back.

  2. My all time favourite Dante Colle video is the one with Logan Stevens where he plays a blind man. He plays it so well and it is so hot watching Logan lead the way to a hot fuck session in the shower. Very well done to both of them!!

  3. Dante is not bisexual. He is pansexual at best and I think he identifies as straight in real life. I wish gay publications would do their research and stop giving gay for pay performers a platform. That’s makes you part of the problem.

  4. I lurve Dante Colle and I knew he was going to suggest Michael Del Ray as a fun interview for you to do (soon I hope) because they make such hot sex films together and you can tell they are good friends. Dante is so sweet and hot and brings such commitment to his performances that enhances his natural stunning beauty. Sorry he is encountering some bias from the straight porn world but I have always felt people were insanely jealous of bisexuals because the world is their oyster. I am just glad Dante makes hot gay porn because he is sensuous and sensational.

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