Thirst-Quencher Thursday: Secret Shower Cams, Studs in Slings, and Tatted-Up Husbands

Feeling thirsty? So are these hot hunks, stripping down and getting off this week for your pleasure!

When your job is watching porn and sharing the scenes that get you off, you get a lot of submissisons (and submissives, but that’s separate). There are only so many hours in the day you can stay hard, though, so I can’t get t everything. But here are a few scenes that came in my inbox that might be worth checking out… And be sure to tell me if they get you off, won’t you? I measure my success in the number of orgasms I help provide!

Over at Sneaky Peek, this macho stud wouldn’t take such a leisurely time showering on his own if he knew he was being secretly watched. But wouldn’t the real crime be letting that finely cut torso and luscious body hair go unrecorded? What he doesn’t know…


A friend sent over a scene from Florida, where a houseguest innocently asked to use his sling. “Of course,” he said. “As long as I get to film it.” Smart man—especially considering how hot these two are!

And these two hot tatted bears going at it is at the top of my to-watch list. Real-life husbands Chase and Zack Acland are living the dream, taking time out in the afternoon for a quick fuck and cumming all over one another before heading back to work. Who thought working from home would be more like this than it turned out to be?

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