Myles Landon and Dr. Wolf Give Sweet Young Austin a Thorough Examination

Just to make sure everything's OK, Dr. Wolf gets out the ultrasound machine as Myles Landon barebacks Austin.

When Austin arrived at the office, Dr. Wolf surprised him by showing him an ultrasound device connected to his computer. When Dr. Wolf explained to him that it was to see how things looked inside him, Austin got a grin on his face, realizing the doctor would be playing with his hole.

Dr. Wolf brought in a special volunteer, Mr. Landon, to fuck the boy while the kinky doctor watched on the screen just how deep he was taking the man’s cock! Austin tried to relax on the medical table, but with his legs up in the stirrups, he could feel as his heart started to race. Mr. Landon took some lube and began to cover his cock with it, knowing that it was going to be going inside Austin’s tight hole.

As soon Dr. Wolf was ready, he instructed Mr. Landon to slide his cock in Austin’s hole. Austin was nervous, but took it one inch at a time as the handsome stranger moved his way inside his body. Dr. Wolf placed the ultrasound over his groin, moving it around as his eyes locked on the monitor beside them. Both Mr. Landon and Dr. Wolf watched with amazement as Landon’s giant cock moved inside Austin’s pelvis on the screen!

STORY: Austin & Dr. Wolf
CHAPTER 18: Anal Sex Ultrasound

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