Zario Travezz Is Ready to Fuck—and Devin Franco Is Ready, Willing, and Able!

Zario loves getting head from an eager guy like Devin—but when that eager guy also has a perfect peach of an ass? That's where Zario wants to be!

You know it’s gonna be a great weekend when a new Devin Franco video drops! And here, we’ve got Devin and big-dicked Zario Travezz playing around, with Zario giving Devin’s gag reflex a real workout.

Naked together on the couch, Devin Franco and Zario Travezz are making their way around each other’s bodies with their lips. Devin feels Zario’s cock pulsing, so he gets between Zario’s legs and fills his whole mouth with Zario’s member.

After gagging on Zario’s dick, Devin bends over and gets his hole tongue-fucked. When Zario is finished probing Devin’s smooth crack with his tongue and fingers, he upgrades by bending Devin over the nearby pool table and sliding his meat deep inside Devin for a bareback fuck.

Devin’s eyes roll back as Zario opens up his hole with his thick dick.

Switching positions, Devin sits down on Zario’s rod and rides it until Zario paints Devin’s ass with a fresh coat of cum. Having his ass covered in jizz makes Devin shoot into Zario’s hungry open mouth.


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