Daddy Myles Landon Takes His Boy Ian On the Kitchen Counter

Who needs a bed when you live alone with your son and can fuck his plump bubble butt anytime you want?

Taking off his clothes, Daddy Myles bent Ian over the edge of the kitchen counter, the same counter where they prepared their family meals, lifting his leg up to see his hole spread. Every time was special; to see his little hole open up for him, just waiting to take his tongue, finger, or cock! And the way he looked back, pleading for a daddy-son fuck with his puppy dog eyes, made him all the more excited.


Sliding his cock up to his hole, he teased him, waiting to feel his pulse relax, and his breathing become deeper and heavier before pushing it in. Just when he could tell Ian was on the edge of desperation, he pulled it out and ran his tongue over Ian’s tasty hole, getting it wet enough for him to push the thick mass of his manhood deeper into his son’s rectum.

Ian let out a breath as he felt his dad’s big dick stretch him open as it moved deeper into his body. Every time was just as powerful and meaningful as the first! He felt himself flush with passion as the love of his daddy filled him up, making him give him everything he had in return. All Mr. Landon wanted was his boy’s love and affection, his trust and his heart—and his bare, tight hole to breed..

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