Watch Stany Use Martin’s Face and Ass in Public and Just Not Care

So what if they get caught? Martin knows a good thing when he sees one, and he sees every inch of Stany's throbbing cock.

Martin finds Stany stroking in a chair, where he quickly bends over to take that gorgeous cock in his mouth. It doesn’t take long before he’s desperate to get throat fucked, and Stany stands up to ram his cock into Martin’s mouth, his perfect six-pack rippling with the effort.

After Stany makes Martin rim his hole and then sucks him, he turns the eager bottom around and goes hard and deep into his ass, making no effort to keep the noise down. Martin is groaning in pleasure, pushing back hard to get that big cock even further into his hole as he feels his own dick swelling.

After a long, sweaty fuck, Stany lets Martin suck his cock again, before Martin stands up and cums all over Stany’s muscular chest. That’s all it takes for Stany to add his own load to the mess coating his pecs and abs.

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