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Zacc Andrews reveals his role at the GayVN Awards 2024

by John Stevens
Zacc Andrews a blonde young males is giggling with his hand over his mouth speaking with Justin (aka Disco Dollie) a tattooed man with a purple T-shirt saying 'The Gay Goods'

Zacc Andrews joined out-of-drag Disco Dollie for a quick chat at the GayVN awards. With a little arm-twisting (akin to a light squeeze) Zacc revealed that he was going to be a trophy boy for the night’s festivities (yes, we know the cat is well and truly out of the bag and hitching a ride to Tijuana as we speak.) And he was sure a sexy thing that night alongside Silas Brooks, Heath Halo and Carnal exclusive Dex Devall.


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Representing FabScout Media, Zacc Andrews was no virgin to the GayVN awards, but this year taking the stage as a trophy boy really solidifies him as a fresh ingénue in porn. I mean look at that face? Isn’t that a face that you want to kiss sweetly and consensually fuck roughly? There’s a few other little factoids about this fresh-faced cutie to learn—check out his interview above to find out more.

Sources: Carnal Media, FabScout Media, Instagram

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