While Colt Cox’s Boyfriend Is Away, Sam Black Comes Over for a Quick Fuck

Sam thinks he's in control at first, until he discovers that Colt is a bossy bottom who always wants it harder and deeper.

Once upon a time, it was so easy to cheat on your boyfriend. Of course, those were the days in which we could leave our apartments to meet friends and ran errands and, you know, go to an office.

Reminding us all of the Before Times, Colt Cox takes advantage of one of those absences to have bearded, tattooed Sam Black over. They don’t waste any time before they get down and dirty sniffing, licking, sucking, and kissing.

Before long, daddy Sam’s got his face buried in Colt’s big ass, working him up and getting him ready for his fat cock! Little does he know that Colt is a bossy bottom, ordering Scott just how to fuck him and demanding more cock. And guess what? Bossy bottoms gets what they want, and Sam gives Colt a big load all over his face.

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