Boy Maxx Monroe Learns His Place at the Hands of Master Matthew Figata

Not much is needed before Maxx realizes that he needs to be face down and ass up for a real man.

The Boy Maxx has arrived at the location printed on the card, finding himself alone with Master Figata. Kneeling on a black leather ottoman and with Master Figata’s hand lightly tracing his body through his hooded sweater, Maxx watches as his clothes are discarded one by one.


With his body oiled and his ass in the air, Maxx looks past his massive erection at Master Figata, who pushes the widest end of a smooth, glass wand into Maxx’s virgin hole. The boy gasps loudly from the feeling of the cold implement.

Turning and tapping the wand between spanks, Master Figata says, “You like that boy?” Without hesitation, Maxx responds with a genuine, “Yes, Sir!” The master doesn’t discourage Maxx from stroking his big cock during the anal preparation, and soon Maxx is spraying a massive load of hot cum all over his chest and face.

Maxx looks up at Master Figata thankfully as the man feeds him the cum. “You’ll make a nice pet,” Master Figata says. All Maxx can do is smile.

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