These Hung Muscle Studs Can’t Even Make It Past the Couch to Start Fucking

If, like Rachel Green, the craziest place you've had sex lately is the foot of the bed, start small by getting off with these gay porn stars in their living rooms.

There was a time when I had a lot of sex on couches, but those days feel very long ago indeed. Why get a stiff neck and sweaty ass imprints on your West Elm sofa when the bed is mere feet away—which is where the lube and poppers are, anyway? So there’s a real frisson running through these scenes of fucking on couches for me—guys so horny they just can’t even stumble down the hallway together?! Show me more!

Which is exactly what Cade Maddox does for Johnny Ford, when Johnny shows up on his doorstep. Cade is just out of the shower, wearing just a towel… which makes it a lot easier for Johnny to suck his dick in the entryway, before they make it to the living room and Johnny bends over to take that cock bareback. Much like us, Johnny doesn’t last too long looking at Cade, and blasts his load all over his six-pack, which Cade then uses to jerk himself off onto Johnny’s face. I wonder what brought Johnny to Cade’s door, though?



Then there’s Jim Nasty and Leeroy Jones, who spent the day working out at the beach. Between the sweat, the sun, and the balls, they’re ready to cum as soon as they walk in the house.


But honestly, who needs a setup when you could just have two horny guys on a couch? Jesse Bolton and Jack Bailey see a shiny, pleather-like sofa, look at one another, and just start fucking. Maybe that’s the real issue—I stopped fucking on my furniture when I started getting new furniture. That’s a warning they don’t include in the Crate and Barrel catalog.

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