Lucas Loses a Game at Cousin Austin’s House, Wins the Chance to Get Plowed

These cousins don't waste much time once the video game is over... and they have an appreciative audience standing back, observing them go at it like only two hormone-fueled guys can.

Fair is fair! Austin’s video game has one rule: the loser strips. And as it turns out, Lucas is not very good at video games. Seeing his handsome, older cousin stripped down and exposed, Austin can’t help but be a bit aroused. And when he looks at Lucas’ cock, he can see his cousin is too!

The two boys drop their controllers and begin sucking each other’s cocks, kissing and caressing each other until they’re in a heated frenzy…

Eager to fuck his cousin, Austin bends him over and slides his cock deep into his tight hole. The two share more than just a familial bond; they’re now connected by their love of hot sex…

But little do they know, their Uncle Angus is watching from just outside the room. The older man knows he should stop them, but he can’t deny his love at seeing the two boys going at it!

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