Jay Tee and Jake Waters Get Into a Classic Scrape When All They Really Wanted Was to Fuck

Jay Tee wants to fuck Jake Waters, so he pretends to be a yoga teacher. Jake Waters wants to fuck Jay Tee, so he pretends to like yoga. Oh, these two!

What happens when you see a hot guy you want to date? I’ve always found this classic exchange works:

“Your fly’s unzipped.”

“No it’s not.”

“I’m psychic.”

But for Jay Tee, that’s not enough. He decides to pretend to be a yoga instructor so Jake Waters can take his fake class. Guess what? In classic romcom fashion, they get into zany shenanigans before realizing the truth: They just wanna bang! And bang they do, all over a tastefully appointed living room. Well, don’t take my word for it. Join Next Door Studios and watch the full-length video! (But seriously, check out this apartment below.)

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