Wearing a Tank and Jeans, Of Course Cade Maddox Is Mistaken for a Doctor

Honestly, maybe Eric Rey needs a CAT scan if he sees Cade in construction worker realness and immediately thinks "medical care practitioner." But he gets a deep dicking out of it, so maybe he's smarter than all of us.

Haven’t we all been there? If we’re not a bored Cade Maddox, waiting for his appointment and getting restless enough to wander into exam rooms to see what’s what, like a horny Hardy Boy, then we’re Eric Rey, seeing a hunk in jeans and a tank top and thinking, “Ah yes, the doctor.”

Though maybe he thought, “Ah yes, the dicktor.”

If that’s never happened to you, you’ve also probably never ended up bent over with a hard dick in your ass on the exam table. Lucky Eric. Lucky Cade! And lucky doctors, getting an unexpected break to do whatever doctors do. (Count their money and laugh, I imagine.)

What a far cry Eric’s appointment is from my last, when I made a joke about dressing in clothes I could take off easily, “like a third date,” and hearing my doctor say sternly, “Except this isn’t a date. I’m a physician and this is a medical appointment.”

Dude, like my jerkoff buddy said in college, “It can be whatever you want it to be.”

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