New Site Touch That Boy Launches With Hot Boys, Big Muscles, and Happy Endings


Welcome to new site Touch That Boy, where the muscles are tight and the endings are happy.

Alex was having a few shoulder issues after a game of softball and needed to get it checked. Luckily, his brother’s roommate is training to be a massage therapist and is always looking for people to practice on. After a few questions and a quick examination, Alex took his shirt off for a more hands-on approach.

Lying down, he felt James begin rubbing his back. James then climbed up on the table, removed Alex’s shorts, and started on his lower back and butt cheeks. Putting all his body weight on Alex, James manages to get the smooth, tattooed boy even harder. Grazing Alex’s dick as he rubbed his body, James watched it twitch. That’s enough of an invitation for James to start stroking Alex’s cock as Alex begins groping James’s dick.

With Alex fully erect, James stroked his buddy’s big cock until it erupts in his hands.

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