The 200 Club: Milo Madera’s Very Sweaty Yoga Session With Bo Sinn

Welcome to the club, where we ask writers to create mini dramas in 200 words or less based on some of the odder production photos we're sent.

Milo Madera couldn’t help himself. Watching yoga instructor Bo Sinn put him in exactly the frame of mind he’d been craving: subservient and obedient.

“Namaste,” he thought as he fitted himself to Bo. He repositioned his torn shorts—”How did these get torn?” he wondered for a moment, before turning back to the task at hand. Spearing himself on Bo’s thick cock, he tightened his core and continued on with their workout. Bo’s cock throbbed deep in his hole, but otherwise the man was remarkably silent.

His ignoring only made Milo hornier, as if he was just a FleshJack to be used. As they moved in fluid synchronicity, Milo felt his balls tightening. He knew he was close, and he focused his attention on milking Bo’s cock in the hopes that they would climax together. Maybe in downward dog?

His breathing was coming faster. Moaning gently, he heard Bo pounding his hole. “Yes, yes, yes!” he yelled.

Only to wake up, groggy and confused, on his couch. Bo Sinn’s YouTube yoga channel playing on his laptop, someone at the door. Looking down, he saw that he’d cum in his workout shorts… which were also suspiciously torn! Was it a dream?!

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