Lucas Entertainment Pig Valentin Amour Gets the Fuck of His Life From Sergeant Miles

Do you know how hard you have to work to get a reputation among Lucas Entertainment models as an insatiable bottom slut? Valentin Amour does—he learned the rock hard way. He doesn’t just want to get fucked, but he wants to be owned by his tops.

Enter Sergeant Miles, always willing to go the extra mile. His dedication to giving Valentin everything he needs by treating him like a pig begins immediately, when he orders Valentin to strip down to just a jock and then uses him as a foot rest.

Valentin is so happy with this turn of events that Sergeant Miles has no choice but to order him to suck on a dildo, just to keep him quiet. Finally fed up with his incessant whimpering, Sergeant strips down and honors Valentin with the fucking he is so desperate to take.

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