Sun’s Out, Dicks Out in Titan Men’s New ‘Sweat Equity’

Exclusives Jessy Ares, Aymeric DeVille, and JR Matthews get hot and bothered outdoors with assorted hunky handymen, and we're licking our lips for every sweat drop.

Few thing get me as hard as fast as the smell of sunscreen and the sight of a Speedo. There’s just something about showing (and seeing) so much bare skin outdoors, usually glistening from sweat or pool water—or something dirtier. So imagine my delight when Titan Men released its new title Sweat Equity!

Featuring exclusives Jessy Ares, Aymeric DeVille, and JR Matthews, and some studs who put the July sun to shame in terms of hotness, this collection is more than enough to beat the cold weather. There’s Jessy Ares pounding blue collar hunk JR Matthews, Aymeric DeVille hammered by horny handymen Frank Philipp and Ethan Hudson, and beefy Mack Manus working up a sheen with one another.


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