Luke and Dawson Share a Passionate Day in Bed Together

These two are playful, affectionate, and very into each other while spending time in San Antonio. Who needs the River Walk when you have sweet Dawson kissing you?


Luke is in absolute heaven lying in his San Antonio bed. Dawson is a total sweetheart, giving him the softest, most affectionate kisses. While Luke is known for his expert cocksucking skills and velvety hole, he enjoys a more tender, passionate embrace as well. And Dawson is happy to be his lover.

Getting to his knees, Luke makes love to Dawson’s cock, kissing it and sucking it while holding his heavy nuts tight. Dawson plays with his hair as Luke gives him exquisite pleasure with his lips and tongue. Not wanting to be selfish, Dawson eagerly puts Luke on his back and dives between his legs to lap at his hot, wet pussy.

While Luke melts into a puddle of pleasure, eyes locked with his partner, Dawson slides his cock between his thighs, feeling it move deep inside. Luke breathlessly takes it all, feeling his stomach clench and his genitals erupt. Every thrust shoots through him, making his fingers and toes curl with delight. Dawson can see that Luke is on the edge of climax, and that’s just where he wants him.

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