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Get to Know Reign, Porn’s Newest Star and Your New 6’2″ Crush

by Mark Durane

Reign has come to conquer, that much is clear.

Falcon | Naked Sword’s latest exclusive, the tattooed 6’2″ Black top started off just happy to make a couple hundred dollars posting solo videos to his fan platforms (before that, he was happy to make some money dancing in his underwear at bars). Then as requests for collaborations started trickling and then pouring in, he ended up being referred to Falcon | Naked Sword by Cole Connor. Filming a single scene with them for Get a Room Too was enough for the studio to offer him an exclusive contract on the spot.

Now he has more collaborations and more studio work lined up, but first Reign took time out of his lunch break to chat with The Gay Goods’ host Mark Peikert about his delight in finding himself on the cusp of porn stardom. Along the way, he discusses his mental health, the reason behind his tattoos—which have stayed the same size even as he’s packed on muscle—and being mistaken for a basketball player while living in Japan.

Watch the full interview below, and be sure to follow Reign on all his social accounts.

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