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Steven Ponce talks about his Bait Bus days

by John Stevens
Jonah Wheeler, a moustached dark haired man of approximately mid-30s is holding a lapel microphone in his right hand. With his left hand he has his shoulder on Steven Ponce, a redheaded muscular man in his early 40s. Steven is smiling widely at Jonah, who is looking side on at the viewer with a twinkle in his eye.

If you like me grew up watching porn during the late 00’s, you’ve seen a Bait Bus scene. It’s a simple gay-for-pay premise with a switcheroo from an attractive busty woman to a piggy bottom. And the piggy bottom was played, more often than not, by the ginger power bottom Steven Ponce.

Steven now works mainly behind the camera as a cinematographer for FabScout Media, but his irresistible sexual energy has not diminished at all. If anything, he’s just looking better:


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Jonah Wheeler spoke with the sexy stud about his time performing for the BaitBus, and for Steven Ponce there was only one downside in shooting the scenes.

“I really enjoyed working with them…it got hard for me at the beginning because, believe it or not, I was getting motion sickness.”

This resilience to continue to fuck in unstable environments probably lead to one of (if my humble opinion) the best scenes he shot for Suite 703 (now Richard.XXX). In a gym locker scene, Diesel Washington literally fucks Steven while he is balancing on the back of Alexander Garrett (propped up on his hands and feet). Steven is balancing with his legs in the air, as Diesel is pounding the ever-loving daylights out of him.

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When asked about his private sexual life and exhibitionism, Steven’s eyes crinkle with happiness.

“I’m a very sexual person… I love going to bathhouses, I love to go to nudist beaches. I love cruising; cruising is so hot.”

Steven’s work is best assessed by Jonah Wheeler, “you’re somebody who has brought fantasy into reality on camera and off.”

And being a true gentleman Steven responds to Jonah, “and so are you.”

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