Smooth Twinks Addin and Nick Can’t Keep Their Hands Off One Another

These two hung, horny young guys share a sexy, sensual bareback fuck while they enjoy one another's big, thick dicks.

Holidays and long weekends always make me nostalgic for my school days, when it was a chance to sit in front of the TV with my hand down my pants and see how many times I could jack off in a day. Don’t get me wrong—that’s still how I spend long weekends, but now I also have to think about cooking and chores.

Nineteen and 18, respectively, Nick and shaggy-haired friend Addin don’t have chores or meal planning to worry about—just playing with one another’s thick cocks. These two have the sweetest fun together, two innocent, smooth twinks with eager mouths! Watch them licking holes and sucking those cocks, finishing with Addin filling Nick’s tight little pucker and fucking his buddy until he’s loading him up with cum and playing with his gooey ass!

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