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Hung, Geeky Redheaded Masseur Raw Fucks Bearded DILF

by Tony Bullock

Connor Taylor is a geeky, skinny, red-headed masseur. He’s very much a boy with sex on the brain and he regularly gives his clients a little more than they’re expecting! Bearded DILF Killian Knox has all the attributes that Connor most appreciates in a man. He’s masculine, bald-headed, and built like a brick shit house. As he undresses for his massage, Connor decides that his tip will need to be a carnal one.

The massage itself is relatively short-lived with Connor rapidly becoming horned-up to the max as he runs his hands seductively over Killian’s astonishing, muscular body.

Connor soon strips naked. His giant, pink dick brushes against Killian, who is soon vigorously deep-throating it, causing Connor to sigh, sweat, and swear in a state of pure, euphoric bliss.

Killian squats on the edge of the massage table and grunts as Connor kneels and gets his tongue lodged between the DILF’s boulder-like ass cheeks.

Moments later, Connor’s standing behind Killian, sinking his giant 9-incher into the older man’s tight ass. Within seconds, he’s mercilessly rutting like a stag in heat. Killian’s face reddens. He grits his teeth. The sensation is overwhelming.

Connor grabs his phone and films himself as he thrusts his giant, raw dick into a shuddering, panting Killian.

Phone down, and Connor starts to wind up for the big climax, banging harder and harder as the cum rises in his shaft. He blows his sticky load deep inside Killian’s tight ass. As he pulls out, the semen follows. Killian has been well-and-truly used!

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Jonathan November 30, 2023 - 5:59 PM


Edwin Chris December 5, 2023 - 1:58 PM

Killian and Connor really go great together, don’t they? 🙂


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