Mail Sack: Spider-Man Gets a Face Full of Cum This Halloween

All tricks and no treats for this horny 18-year-old whose last stop finds hung Daddy John with just enough time to spare for him...

Welcome to Mail Sack, Carnal Media’s contest in which fans submitted their perviest fantasies for a possible upcoming scene. The Gay Goods will be publishing the 10 semi-finalists. Here is “All Treats for This Halloween Boy.”

Timmy received his long awaited parcel exactly 5 days ago—just in time for Halloween tonight.

He had ordered a tailor-made Spider-Man suit for his 18th birthday, which he celebrated a month ago. His love for Spidey began when he was about 9. He always wanted to be just like him, so of course he always dreamt of having his own tailor-made Spiderman suit.

When he tried the costume for the first time, he was surprised at how tight the costume was. Putting it on truly felt like putting on a second skin, especially since it was made of a stretchable material similar to latex, with a shine to it. As soon as he looked at himself in the mirror wearing the suit, he became horny as fuck. The Spiderman mask was detachable from the suit, whereas the area around his buttocks had a small zipper which was almost not detectable.

He had big plans for trick or treating the neighborhood—anonymously of course!

The idea of no one recognizing him while he was wearing this suit in public excited him. Not even his mother or his stepdad knew about his recent purchase. That’s why he needed to be careful, just in order to not blow his newly acquired secret identity.

Around 9 p.m. he put on his suit—and as already predicted, as soon as he put on this second skin, he immediately got a hard on. He was ready for his adventure! Even though he had always had a sweet tooth, he didn’t really care about candy tonight. He put on the Spiderman hood, put on a pair of black sneakers, took the halloween-themed bucket for the candy, turned off the light of his bedroom and climbed out of the window – luckily his room was on the ground floor. after making sure that his neighbors hadn’t noticed him he sneaked through the garden into the streets.

The neighborhood was not too busy, there were only a few people on the streets. Some kids’ parents were talking to each other while strolling , while their kids were going from house to house to ask for candy.

The fact that Timmy was built rather small would kind of make him almost blend in with all the other trick or treaters. So that’s what he did, going from house to house, ringing the bell and asking for candy he didn’t care for.

Ny now his cock was rather semi-hard, so his bulge was not that noticeable after all. Depending on who opened the door that could change immediately. Timmy had always had a crush on mature straight men. He couldn’t help it: The thought of seducing a good-looking married straight man—or being seduced by one—provoked that tingling sensation in his stomach.

So whenever this type of man opened the door, smiling at him and putting candy in his bucket he felt his cock getting harder. In these cases, he did not try to hide his growing bulge by covering it with the bucket. Instead he tried to attract more attention to it.

The looks on the men’s faces and their reactions varied:

Some didn’t notice. Some did notice and smirked at him. Others complimented him on his costume and asked if he lived in this neighborhood, which Timmy denied (since he didn’t want to blow his cover). One man asked how old he was, as if he was questioning what he was witnessing.

These encounters—even though not fulfilling—still excited Timmy, since it had been his intention to show off his costume and bulge. S, mission accomplished… or was it?

As he reached the last house on this street he felt a certain feeling of anticipation growing. He was aware of who lived in the house: It was Timmy’s prototype of a man, the content of his sexual dreams and desires, a dream come true!

As he reached the porch, he felt his bulge growing once again. He rang the bell and adjusted his ever-growing beast in his suit.

The man opened the door. He was tall and handsome, wearing what looked like grey pajama bottoms and a white undershirt, exposing both a rather muscled chest and a few chest hairs peeking from beneath the neckline of his shirt, and lastly a patterned bathrobe.

John’s wife was in the kitchen doing the dishes as the doorbell rang. He grabbed the bowl of candy and opened the door.

John was pleasantly surprised at the sight of the kid standing on his porch. the costume he was wearing looked quite professional. “So even Spidey wants some candy, yes?” he asked in a deep voice and with a huge smile.

Timmy had always been shy around men that he felt sexually attracted to. He thought that wearing his costume and at least hiding his blushing face behind a mask would help him keep his composure—however, as he felt the tall man’s gaze on him and heard his deep voice he suddenly became nervous and felt like his body was trembling. As Timmy didn’t respond to the man’s question, the man held out the bowl with candy in it and asked him again. “So Spidey… you want some candy too, yes?” Timmy babbled something incomprehensible into the mask.

John didn’t understand a word the kid was saying. He had to smile. He took a closer look and noticed that, considering his height and physique, he must be in his late teens. “Say, how old are you anyway? Aren’t you a little too old for trick or treating?” John asked. “Bare at least your mouth, so I can understand you.”

Timmy complied with the man’s order and rolled up his mask, exposing his chin, mouth, and the tip of his nose.

“I… I just turned 18, sir.” He was so annoyed by the fact that his sexual self-confidence was about to vanish into thin air, especially considering how good he had been feeling just a minute ago. It was time to man up, be brave. He imagined how he would sit on this man’s lap and how he would kiss him, while rubbing his ass on the man’s lap, making his cock rock hard. Within seconds his bulge started to grow big and hard. As a reflex he looked down at it!

John looked into Spiderman’s face. He noticed the blushed cheeks and a beautiful mouth, juicy lips. what a handsome young man. “Aha! As assumed, too old for trick or treating!” There was something strangely exciting and cute about him. He witnessed the young man looking down. That’s when John noticed it. Quite a respectable bulge, he thought to himself.

What followed was silence. Both men exchanged intense looks. John was smirking, the young man was smirking back. John could feel a tingling feeling in his gut, a mixture of excitement and pure horniness. His fat uncut cock grew bigger and harder as it visibly stood out of his sweatpants.

Timmy could feel the man’s hungry gaze all over his body, undressing him with his greedy eyes. He noticed the bulge in the man’s grey sweatpants grow bigger.

John’s sexual hunger creeped over him and he knew that he had to have him, right now! Of course, he thought of his wife and how risky it would be to get Spidey into his basement that doubled as both his workshop and his gym. The danger excited him and made his already hard cock even harder and bigger.

He was not going to miss this opportunity.

John peeked into his house to check that his wife was still in the kitchen. He beckoned to Timmy to come inside—immediately guiding him towards the door to the basement, opening it, pressing Timmy down the stairs to the basement. “I’m doing a quick workout in the basement, honey” he called to his wife and with that rushed after Timmy, closing the door behind him.

Timmy heard the man shut the door behind him and rush down the stairs. He felt the man standing behind him, rubbing his hard cock against his back, his hands around his buttocks. He could feel his hot breath right next to his ear. He could feel those big hands all over his suited up body, the hard cock dry humping his wrapped up ass. The man lifted him up and walked towards the workout area in the corner.

“Kneel before me” he demanded and Timmy eagerly followed his order. Timmy’s face was still covered by the mask, only his lower face was exposed.

As the man pulled down his sweatpants, his huge erection jumped out, right in Timmy’s face. This was the fattest cock he had ever seen. Just as he wanted to lick it, the man stopped him from doing so.

John told the young man to close his mouth. He then grabbed his cock and placed it onto the young man’s mouth, spreading his sticky pre-cum all over his mouth, then redirected the masked face towards his balls and demanded they get licked. He felt the young man eagerly suck both of his balls. Then he held his head with both of his hands, redirecting it towards his ass. He wanted to test how far the young man would go to please his needs. Without any hesitation, he could feel a tongue between his cheeks. Oh fuck, that felt good! This was something his wife hadn’t done for almost 15 years. He could feel more pre-cum dripping out of the tip of his penis. Wiped it up, he sucked it off himself. After getting his asshole licked for a while he took off his bathrobe and pointed Spidey towards the power tower pull-up station. The young man climbed up the station, clinging to the two bars with his legs—now hanging upside down.

Timmy could feel the blood rushing to his head. He felt like Spider-Man in that scene where he was hanging upside down and kissing Mary Jane in the pouring rain. Only he wasn’t kissing a girl; he was about to get facefucked. The stiff pulsating cock came closer to Timmy’s mouth as the man had to bend over just a little bit to meet his mouth.

As he was facefucked for quite some time, Timmy could feel both his face and mask drenched in saliva. 

John abruptly stopped fucking the masked face as he heard his wife’s voice. She had opened the door to the cellar and was standing above the stairs asking whether he’d join her in the living room. He hastily pulled up his sweatpants, put his bathrobe over the young man in an attempt to make him disappear. “I’ll be right there” he heard himself answer in a voice that sounded too nervous. “Are you OK, darling?” she asked as she stepped down a few more steps, now almost being able to see him. “Yes! I’ll be right there! Can you make me a coffee, babe?” he answered.

Luckily she turned around and headed towards the kitchen.

John grabbed the bathrobe covering Timmy, lifted him from the power station, and pressed him down in front of him and took out his hard cock. “Lick it,” the man said while putting his hard, throbbing cock on Timmy’s face. The man held Timmy’s face tight, pinching his cock between his fingers and Timmy’s masked face, moving his cock back and forth until he exploded into Timmy’s face with a huge thick juicy cumshot as the man tried to smother his grunting and moaning.

Timmy felt like he was on cloud nine as he felt the man’s juice pumping both over and inside his mask, some splashes landing in his nose and mouth, running down his chin. as he was looking up he saw this handsome man’s face burst into ecstasy. That was the most beautiful sight Timmy had ever witnessed!

The man smirked at him, pinching Timmy’s cheeks. He then hurriedly put back on his bathrobe, adjusting his clothes over his sweaty body, wiping away the sweat from his face with a towel, before heading up the stairs and cautiously opening the door to check on where his wife was.

He signaled for Timmy to follow him up the stairs. Once the door was opened, he felt the man pushing him across the entrance area of the house, out the front door. The man winked, smirked, and said, “See you around, Spidey!” and closed the door.

As Timmy stepped down from the porch he looked back at the house as if he had to remind himself that what he had just experienced wasn’t a dream.

He felt so proud. This had by far been his juiciest adventure to date—and many were to follow, of that he was sure! In one hand he was holding the bucket filled with candy he did not care for, with the other hand he adjusted his drenched mask, rolling it down over his mouth and chin. And with the taste of cock and cum clinging to his mouth, he headed home.

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