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Only Fans Says JK, Please Don’t Take Your Subscribers Away

by Mark Durane

Days after causing an uproar when it announced new terms of service that would prevent sexually explicit content, Only Fans retracted it all on Twitter.

The damage may already be done, however—many creators already migrated their content to another platform, while the whiplash-inducing backtrack has left many others questioning Only Fans’ commitment to its sexually explicit content.

Whether subscribers will take the step of following their favorites somewhere else or if they’re brand-loyal to the platform remains to be seen. But one thing is clear: There’s never any harm in diversifying where you find and post content.

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Cam August 28, 2021 - 5:35 PM

OnlyFans may have collapsed under it’s own weight and it thought people would keep paying to not get the content they were subscribing for. That’s arrogant and arrogance doesn’t encourage me to spend my money.

If it were payment merchants causing the problem, OF could have communicated that better that they were trying to find a solution and to bear with them. Instead they only said there is pressure from the merchants so we’re banning what you post. Did they SERIOUSLY expect people to not drop them like hot lead?


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