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Mail Sack: Nailing the Job Interview and the New Boss

by Mark Durane

Welcome to Mail Sack, Carnal Media’s contest in which fans submitted their perviest fantasies for a possible upcoming scene. The Gay Goods will be publishing the 10 semi-finalists. Here is a chapter in “Father Angus’ Home for Young Men.”

Father Angus runs a group home for juvenile offenders. As part of his tireless work integrating these wayward young men back into the community, he sets up employment opportunities. But unfortunately, these free-spirited lads always manage to get one over on their prospective employers by turning the tables and fucking their new bosses…

Jay was placed in Father Angus’ care after he was caught stealing from the mailroom at his last job.

It was his third offense, and Father Angus’ Home for Young Men is his last chance to get on the right side of the tracks, or face jail.

Father Angus makes sure the boy has a safe place to sleep, food on the table, and, important for today, a smart outfit to make the right impression on a potential employer.

Jay is due to interview at a local family business, Savage Car Sales. He looks in the mirror and adjusts his tie. He knows he looks good, but it feels unnatural to a lad whose idea of smart is a clean T-shirt.

Father Angus calls him in for a pep talk, and wishes him luck. Jay sets off for his interview with the proprietor, Mr. Savage.

Arriving at the office, Jay sits waiting to be called in. He loosens his tie knot. He’s already fed up with it.

The door opens. An older man, well presented and clearly in good shape, beckons Jay inside. Introductions pass without incident, but something has already caught Jay’s eye.

The tight grip of Mr Savage’s handshake. The strain of his bicep against his crisp white shirt. The pull of his tight grey trousers across the plump curve of his ass. The gold wedding ring. Jay takes it all in.

The two men take a seat on either side of Mr. Savage’s wide glass desk. Jay is pleased to see he has a clear view of the older man’s crotch – the grey trousers straining at their seams as his future boss sits with his legs spread widely.

Jay remembers one of the tips he was given on interview technique, and mirrors Mr Savage’s confident pose. Jay’s own thighs fill his pressed trousers well, and the fabric puckers as it cradles his ample package.

Pleasantries are exchanged and Mr. Savage starts to drill Jay on his suitability for the job on offer.

Turns out it’s to be Mr. Savage’s personal assistant, helping him around the showroom.

As Mr. Savage asks questions, Jay rubs his own inner thigh. Slowly and steadily. Making sure that his future boss notices. He casually rests his hand on his crotch and squeezes his balls. Jay’s answers aren’t too convincing… but he can see he’s provided enough of a distraction to be sure this doesn’t matter.

As Savage Car Sales deals in high-end models, Mr. Savage stresses how important it is that Jay is well presented.

Jay takes this as his moment. He stands up and shows his potential boss just how well he cares for his appearance.

“Well, Mr. Savage, I’ll always turn up to see you freshly showered and shaved.”

Jay strokes his chin.

“I’ll make sure my shirt is pressed and well fitted.”

Jay strokes his body through his shirt.

“I’ll make sure my trousers have a neat crease… and that they hug my ass just right.”

Jay turns around and shows off his tight behind. He looks to see what reaction he’ll get from Mr. Savage. The older man’s stare is enough to encourage Jay to keep going.

Mr. Savage loosens his own tie. He’s taken aback by this brash lad and his brazen approach.

Jay walks around Mr. Savage’s desk to confront him. He tightens Mr. Savage’s tie back up

“Of course I’ll always make sure you’re looking your best too.”

“And feeling your best.”

Jay pulls gently at Mr. Savage’s tie and the older man stands up, willingly. His bulge is clearly pressing against the zipper on his suit trousers. He’s under this boy’s spell.

Jay moves in closer. The men’s noses, pecs, bulges and toecaps are touching. Jay holds his position. Mr. Savage does not dare move.

Jay brushes his lips against Mr. Savage’s. Mr. Savage goes to kiss him, but Jay pulls away.

He slowly removes Savage’s tie. Then unbuttons and removes his shirt. Then his shoes and socks. Belt and trousers. Slowly and deliberately. Wordlessly. Mr Savage can barely breathe. Let alone resist.

Once Jay has stripped his future boss stark naked, he orders him up onto the glass desk, getting the suddenly submissive man to display himself on all fours.

Jay appreciates Mr. Savage like a fine automobile. Nice lines. Solid build. Great from behind.

He demands that Mr. Savage spread his ass cheeks. Mr. Savage complies.

Jay sucks his finger and plunges it into Savage’s hole without word or warning. The older man gasps in shock and pleasure.

Jay teases the executive’s hole and tugs at his cock and balls. Pre-cum oozes onto the glass desk. Jay wipes it up and feeds it to Mr. Savage with his fingers.

Seemingly bored of his plaything, Jay sits back in the big leather desk chair usually reserved only for the boss. He undoes his zipper and removes his own rigid dick. Pre-cum leaks from the top, a happy by-product of the seduction.

He demands that Mr. Savage takes a seat on his raw cock.

Mr. Savage gets up. Turns the framed photo of his wife and kids towards the wall. And mounts the waiting shaft.

Jay thrusts deep into the man’s hot hole. Savage takes it greedily. He’s clearly a man who has known cock before. But not for some time.

Jay then fucks him up against the filing cabinet, rattling the draws as he pounds Savage’s hungry depths.

Finally, with Savage laid across his own glass desk, legs splayed open, Jay takes one final plunge and floods his thick load deep inside the boss’s ravaged hole. With a series of involuntary orgasmic reactions, Savage oozes Jay’s cream back onto the desk. Jay fingers it back into Savage’s satisfied hole.

Only now does Jay collapse onto Savage’s body and surrender the kiss he’d denied him earlier.

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