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Mail Sack: Mutual Loathing Can Lead to Strange, Blindfolded Bedfellows

by Mark Durane

Welcome to Mail Sack, Carnal Media’s contest in which fans submitted their perviest fantasies for a possible upcoming scene. The Gay Goods will be publishing the 10 semi-finalists. Here is “All Bets Are Off.”

Mike and James bump into each other in the lobby of an apartment, both dropping stuff they are carrying.  They pick up their items and go their separate ways.

Mike goes into his apartment, where his two buddies are playing cards.  He mentions that he bumped into that neighbor James, the one he really hates, as they deal a hand of poker and up the stakes: The loser will strip, put on a blindfold, and wait on his bed. The winner of the next hand gets to fuck hime.

They play, and Mike loses.  He goes to his room, strips, and puts on the blindfold. Meanwhile James knocks on the door. He picked up Mike’s book by mistake. Mike’s buddies explain why Mike can’t come to the door right now. James wants in on that action, and joins them for a hand of poker. James wins.

He goes into the bedroom, strips, and pushes his cock down Mike’s throat.  They then fuck in various positions as James treats him like a rag doll, flipping him around without saying a word.  He fills Mike’s ass with his cum, and leaves. No words are spoken and Mike is still blindfolded.

Afterwards, Mike really wants to know which of his buddies fucked him, as it was literally the best sex of his life. They won’t tell him so Mike has no option but to find new ways to get them to fuck him…

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