Principal Felix Kamp Spanks Young Marcus Till He Cums

What else can Mr. Kamp do when Marcus is spending too much time fucking the faculty and not focusing on his academics?

“Am I going to be expelled?” Marcus asks nervously. But Principal Kamp isn’t going to expel the horny student for fucking the faculty. Instead, he orders Marcus to bend over the desk and arch his back.

Principal Kamp starts slowly, firmly spanking the student, whose moans and groans quickly turn from pain to pleasure as he feels the older man’s hand linger on his firm buttocks with each slap.

Satisfied that Marcus knows how to obey, Principal Kamp turns him around and sets him on the desk. Stroking the boy’s cock, Principal Kamp reaches into a drawer and pulls out a dildo and lube. Marcus eagerly takes the lubed dildo and fucks himself with it on the principal’s desk, as the older man strokes his cock.

As Marcus gets ready to cum, Principal Kamp suddenly leans down and takes the boy cock into his mouth to catch his creamy load before sending Marcus to go about his day.

Tony Bullock
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Tony Bullock is equal parts jock bottom, porn fan, and porn professional. In and out of the industry for the last 15 years, Tony is back for good after discovering the pervy minds at Carnal Media and their new titles, from Gaycest to Boy for Sale. He only uses Vaseline for lube.

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