No Gag Reflex: The Joys of Aural Sex

Mmhmm—with the right audio, you don't even need visuals to get off. Welcome to the world of sexy ASMR.

I could listen to a man moan for hours. Grunting, snarling, gasping, or sucking the air straight through clenched teeth. Sometimes, when the sex is good, words just sound like babbling from an alien alphabet. They aren’t enough. My mind has gone carnal. The noises take the front seat instead. A form of communication by themselves. So it should come as no surprise that I’ve recently gotten very into ASMR porn. 

I wish I gave it a shot sooner, but the idea of focusing on sounds rather than visuals seemed, well, unsexy. Like meditation. Or work. Or like something that requires monkish focus. 

But one night, I accidentally clicked on a video that said “30 Minutes of Soft to Intense Male Moaning ASMR.” (I read it too quickly. I thought it said ASS). Only seconds into the video did I realize there was absolutely nothing happening on the screen. Just a couple words that didn’t move for the entire video. 

Then I turned up the volume and I heard it. A tongue working its way through a wave of pleasure. Then, a raspy mmhmm rising in a throat that was both happy and aching. Some octaves were deep. Some were high. And the quality of the audio was so clear that it all felt so, well, wet. All of this sent directly into my ears through my computer’s headphones. 

Something in my brain had snapped. I came within a couple minutes. But I stayed to listen to the rest. My brain was telling me, “You’ve been here before. This is what sex sounds like.”

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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASRM) is simply a sensation. The tingly one you get that swims from your head and down through your spine, triggered either by a sound or visual stimuli. It’s a completely subjective experience, but one that’s so well documented and acknowledged across humanity that it’s become a serious field of study and interest. And it’s not just for sex. Literally anything that makes a distinguishable sound can qualify. Basically if you can hear it, there’s an ASMR community for it. But even though it’s not inherently sexual, there is an indulgence factor about it that listeners like to keep secret. People listen to it in private. If someone walks in, it’s likely you’ll slam shut the laptop or turn off the volume. The sheer pleasure principle makes it a little taboo, albeit less so than traditional porn. 

My discovery of ASMR came at a time when I was going through a serious conundrum. Like many others, cumming before sleep is a nightly ritual for me. And there’s scientific evidence that proves it’s a great way to relax and fall into slumber. But there’s also plenty of studies showing that the blue light emitting from screens can be very detrimental to a good night’s sleep. Bright computer visuals can suppress melatonin. They make us feel alert at a time when we should be getting drowsy. Not really the best news for nightly screen-induced fist pumps. 

But I didn’t want to give up my midnight porn sessions, per se. Sure, we live now in an intensely visual culture. So it can be very hard to dial back. But that’s not the only stimuli our brains respond to. And that’s certainly not the only thing porn is giving us. Most amateur and professional porn producers are keenly aware that the audio in their videos can be just as important as the reels and images. And to be honest, some of my favorite porn actors aren’t my favorite because of how they look, but because of how they moan, gasp, grunt and snarl. That is, how they react. 

If you want to give it a try, get a good pair of headphones and just search for “sounds,” “moaning,” “throbbing,” “dripping,” or just “ASMR” on your favorite porn site and see what you find. Maybe the sound of a lubed dick gliding into an ass will get you off. Or the gagging of a throat getting filled. The splatter of a cumshot hitting a camera lens is a personal favorite. Of course, you can also just simply turn on your favorite porn, darken the screen, and let your imagination succumb to the horny cadences of the fantasies you already have. Remember: Your ears deserve some love to.   

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