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Michael Lucas writes name on missile headed for Gaza

Zionist porn producer and performer adds to a long list of controversies

by John Stevens
A tweet by Michael Lucas which shows his signature on a missile headed for Gaza next to a picture of Michael Lucas, Israeli porn star.

Porn producer and performer Michael Lucas has written his name upon an Israel Defense Forces missile to be used in the continued destruction of Gaza by the State of Israel. Written in response to transphobic MMA fighter Jake Shields, after he alleged his name was also being written on missiles (but without his permission),  Michael shared the image of a missile on X.com which later was confirmed to have been written by his own hand:
‘Hahaha I actually asked to write my name. Got a pic before and after. Did you get them too? Amazing difference!’

Four missiles with red writing. Three are enclosed in a metal box lined with silver colored insulation. In the foreground one missile is in the frame with the words "From Michael Lucas to Gaza written in red ink.

Michael Lucas’ tweet posted December 17 2023.


Performers Cut Ties With Lucas

Michael’s tweet has led to many performers and crew within the porn industry distancing themselves from Michael, calling for a boycott of his productions. Some have even removed any content they own featuring Michael Lucas as a performer. Shahrokh Mosavinejad, Sean Xavier, Jafar Azeezi, Kane Fox, Pierre Fitch, Ben Fox and Carnal Media’s Eddie Patrick all have criticized Michael for calls to “incite violence” and for being a “genocide supporter”:


Lucas Has A Long History of Controversy…

…and sadly, still has a career.

Michael told the New York Post that the people who are criticizing him are “nothing but vile anti-Semites”:

‘There is no other explanation for such hate for Israelis and such support for people who would murder Jews and gays in the most barbaric ways. I am not intimidated by this and I won’t delete the tweet no matter how many threats I continue to receive.’

Lucas has always been a vocal supporter of the State of Israel, holds Israeli citizenship and has created many films detailing his love for Israel due to its relatively progressive stance on LGBTIQ+ rights in comparison to Israel’s neighbors. He’s made many Islamophobic statements in the past, including that Muslims “vomit on gays.” 

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Now seems like a good time to recount the litany of other controversies surrounding the controversial producer. Among many allegations he’s faced, one of the most chilling is that he’s been accused of almost killing performer Geordie Jackson after Michael allegedly injected Geordie with a lethal dose of Trimix, something which other performers have claimed has occurred on set in previous Lucas Entertainment productions.

Just a Quick Recap On What Lucas Is Making Jokes About

The War on Gaza is the latest in a long history of aggression from the State of Israel upon the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Since the Arab-Israeli War of 1948, these wars have lead to the mass displacement and dispossession of Palestinians. On October 7 2023, paramilitary wings of Hamas opened fire upon several Israeli civilian communities, military bases and a music festival in Re’im resulting in the death of approximately 1200 people, the deadliest attack in the history of Israel since its foundation. Additionally approximately 250 Israeli civilians and soldiers were taken hostage. 

Palestinian refugees are finding casualities after the Jabalia refugee camp was attacked by an Israeli bombstrike. The scene of of absolute carnage, wrecked buildings and many wounded people.

Palestinians searching for survivors in the Jabalia refugee camp after an Israel airstrike on October 31 2023. (Anas al-Shareef/Reuters)

Since then, Israel has bombed Gaza as a form of collective punishment upon the citizens of Gaza. These bombings have killed over 22,141 people at the time of writing, mostly women and children. 1139 Israelis have been killed since October 7th at the time of writing. Additionally, 69 journalists and media professionals, of whom the majority were Palestinian, have been killed. The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has labelled this “the deadliest period of journalists since CPJ began gathering data in 1992.”

Michael Lucas made the following comments after images emerged of Palestinian detainees in their underwear. Israel army spokesperson Daniel Hagari stated that they were detained to interrogate potential links to Hamas. This has been disputed by the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor as well as Hamas.

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