Former Helix Studios Model Tristan Adler Speaks Out Against Company in Emotional Video

Adler adds his voice to the chorus of former models sharing their experiences with the company.

Just over a month after Eli Bennet and Jordan Lake left Helix Studios and their exclusives contracts, going public about mistreatment at the company, former Helix model Tristan Adler added his voice June 4 to the chorus of models speaking out.

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“It feels like I’m snitching on friends of mine, when I have to step back and realize that those were my bosses,” Adler says near the beginning of an emotional YouTube video titled “Silence is Complacency (Helix Studios, the truth from a friend of the company).”

At times overcome by emotion, Adler discusses that while the public face of the company was virulently against any higher ups engaging in relationships with its models, privately directors and husbands Casey and Alex Roman did so.

“I haven’t filmed with Helix in two years and this isn’t trying to be an attention grab,” Adler says, before going on to state, “I’ve witnessed Casey and Alex both having sexual relationships with models.” He refers to models who allegedly approached him to say, “‘I had sex with Casey or I’ve had sex with Alex, and if I did not view them as being in a higher position of power or it would affect my job, I would not have had sex with them.’ It’s a fucking abuse of power, it’s fucked up. And that’s the problem: None of it happened to me personally, but goddamn if I don’t say something.”

Helix Studios owner Keith Miller, in his May 5 statement denying accusations made against him, pointedly refuted any suggestion that Helix employees would engage in sexual relationships with models.

“Dating or having sexual relations with models has always been my red line,” the statement read. “It is known within the company that models are strictly off-limits and I have fired employees over taking advantage of our talent in the past.” 

That stance has been widely mocked and ridiculed by former Helix models and industry insiders in the month since.

Adler ends the video acknowledging his relationship with Casey and Alex.

“I’m sharing this because I can’t be silent on this shit anymore. And I’m sorry this video is going to cause me to lose a friendship with Casey and Alex, but at the same time, if you’re doing gross shit like this I can’t support you as a friend.” 

Neither Casey nor Alex have responded publicly; if they do, this story will be updated.


  1. Idk. There’s something about “well they made you famous so you should shut the fuck up when they coerce and rape their intoxicated employees” doesn’t sit right with me you fucking dick.

  2. How many models has helix dropped? Let go quietly? Adler had covid and hope he is better now ,and gets on with his life,he is right not to be silent predators should not own a business,and to the other adult houses that have ex helix stars you know very well why your talent left helix,don’t condone the behavior going on their ,your business may be the next target stand up for models rights now

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