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Mail Sack: Motorcycle Cop and Daddy Teach the Importance of Respect

by Mark Durane

Welcome to Mail Sack, Carnal Media’s contest in which fans submitted their perviest fantasies for a possible upcoming scene. The Gay Goods will be publishing the 10 semi-finalists. Here is “Put Some Respect On That Boot.”

A boy is driving a car with his father sitting in the passenger seat.  The boy is texting, speeding, not using turn signals, and not stopping at stop signs, and his father is criticizing him for each of these infractions. The boy pulls the car into the driveway, gets out, and flips the bird to his father, high over his head as he walks into the house, leaving his father in the driveway as a motorcycle cop pulls in behind the parked car.  The father tells the cop his son just got his permit and won’t follow any of the rules of driving.  He asks the cop to teach his son some respect.

The motorcycle cop, mirrored sunglasses now off but helmet remaining on, approaches the boy in his bedroom, where he is texting.  He is seated, slouched in chair and legs spread.  The cop approaches him, says he would like to discuss his driving, and the boy flips him the bird over his head.  The cop responds by kicking his leg between the boys so that his foot is now under the boy’s ass and the boys’ nuts are resting of the top of the cops’ boots.  The cop takes away the boys’ telephone and tells him he is about to learn some respect for the law.  He commands the boy to worship his boots, and the frightened boy begins licking the boot that has nailed his nuts.

The father enters the bedroom and watches as the cop eventually removes his first foot, then replaces it with the other and orders the boy to worship that boot.  The cop orders the boy to show his father the respect of worshiping his cock. The frightened kid continues to do as instructed, as the cop lowers his zipper and reveals his hard cock. The cop continues giving the kid orders as he and the father fuck the boy senseless.

After the cop and father have covered the boy in their cum, the cop tells the kid he will be watching his driving practices and will be back if more training is needed!

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