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Mail Sack: Buddy and I Teach a Thing or 2 to These Straight Hunks

by Mark Durane

Welcome to Mail Sack, Carnal Media’s contest in which fans submitted their perviest fantasies for a possible upcoming scene. The Gay Goods will be publishing the 10 semi-finalists, starting with “Fun and Games With The Head Boy.” 

The Head Boy and I had decided to have some special fun this weekend. We had been looking for some straight guys to play with and teach some important stuff to. After placing ads on various websites and in several magazines that straight men would read, we finally found three suitable candidates: Dave, Hugh and Sam.

Dave was the oldest of the three, a big bear of a man in his late 40s, covered all over, front and back, with thick matted body hair. He had a broad, bulky penis and a huge pair of bull balls. Dave had been married for over 20 years and had two sons who were both now students. He liked to watch them wrestling and encouraged his boys to coat themselves in oil and then wrestle naked like those guys do in Turkey. Dave also enjoyed playing rugby with his brother and their five sons, all piling on top of each other, sweating and grunting, sometimes ejaculating suddenly as they did so. Dave knew he wanted to experiment in playing around with other men.

Hugh had an awesome reputation as a playboy; even taller than Dave, at about 6’ 4”, he had olive skin, warm brown eyes and was hung like a horse. Hugh was now in his late 30s and his endowment dangled down between his legs, inviting attention, as did the guy’s beautiful smile. His third marriage had just broken up and after all, as he put it, “You get tired of the same body…” After many adventures with different women, Hugh was keen to try something exciting and new!

Sam was the youngest and tallest of the guys, still in his late 20s. Nearly 6’ 6” in height, he was an elite athlete with a superb muscular body and a wonderfully thick cock. Sam’s face had an almost innocent look which belied his strong appetite for sex. He lived with his girlfriend but, since she had started a demanding new job, she seemed more interested in sleep than sex. Sam was now only getting it once or twice a week and he was truly desperate to explore other ways of finding some sexual relief.

When the three guys arrived at my country place, we had a few beers together so they could get to know each other and feel relaxed. We talked about sex and what exploits we had all enjoyed over the years, including some amazing group sessions and similar fantasies. After an hour or so, we all went outside and the boys stripped down to their underwear before being tied, each to a tree, with stripy silk ties around their wrists and ankles. Dave was wearing baggy, dark blue boxers around his big waist with hair sprouting on all sides; Hugh had on black Tanga briefs, which enhanced his thighs and the magnificent piece of meat between them; as for Sam, he wore no underwear beneath his tight jeans and was happy to be attached stark naked, getting bigger and harder by the minute.

To get the men excited and worked up, the Head Boy and I decided to put on a show in front of them. Dave was attached to the middle tree, with Hugh and Sam on either side, so that they could all see what was happening. After all that beer, I was bursting for a leak and roughly unzipped the Head Boy’s jeans before sticking my thick hard cock inside his flies. We grasped each other tightly, enjoying the close manly contact, smelling each other’s body and I felt his hairy pelt tickling me as I began to piss inside his jeans. I pissed and pissed and pissed, feeling the Head Boy enjoying it hugely and moaning softly in my arms. His piss soon mingled with mine until his jeans were soaked and we were both laughing uncontrollably with pleasure and excitement.

By then, Dave was throwing a boner which was sticking out from his baggy blue boxers, so we went over to him. The other two guys were watching from the trees to which they were tied. Sam whistled softly as he saw us get to work, while Hugh just stared and gasped at the sight before him. The Head Boy started playing with Dave’s furry nipples, sucking and teasing them while I sank to my knees. I was soon sucking on that big bear’s meat, running my lips and tongue methodically along its full length and round those bull balls, which were pleasingly shaved and just showing a bit of stubble. Dave was groaning with pleasure as we continued our work and soon the Head Boy was kissing him roughly and stroking circles on his hairy torso. I increased my rhythm and the tension I was giving to Dave’s big head, until eventually he could take it no more. Dave uttered a deep, animal groan and shot out reams of cum all over me and the Head Boy. We released Dave from his silken ties and the three of us ended up with a very long, slow manhug, enjoying all of each other’s smells and juices to the full.

Then it was Hugh’s turn. The Head Boy and I approached him, accompanied by Dave, whom we had just released from his tree and who wanted to have fun with these boys. Dave squatted below Hugh’s crotch, playing with his sensitive feet and letting his hair rub teasingly against Hugh’s balls and perineum. The tall guy was getting harder by the second and it was a fine sight to see. I approached his top end, caressing his nipples and sniffing and licking his armpits, which drove him wild. Meanwhile, the Head Boy got to work on that long schlong, handling it up and down, back and forth, in and out with different strokes, one hand bare and the other gloved in leather. Hugh began to gasp breathlessly as the sensations mounted, being attacked at once by three horny, hungry males. Finally, he quaked and came, spurting out what seemed like pints of manjuice, all over Dave’s hair, the Head Boy’s hands and my chest as I leaned over him to finish the job.

Finally, we went for Sam, all four of us approaching that magnificent young athlete. He was a bit nervous, being tied and at our mercy, but hid his awkwardness with a playful grin. Then we went for him in a big way, sucking, licking, stroking and caressing him all over, rimming his manhole slowly and deeply, wanking him gently before sucking him hard, playing with his nipples, pits and feet, discovering every area of his long, fit body and every way of heightening his pleasure as slowly as we could. Dave and the Head Boy were attacking him like wild animals rutting, while Hugh and I took it more subtly to vary the sensations and surprise Sam with some unexpected moves. After at least half an hour of this, Sam began to moan desperately, grunting like a male beast and at last, slowly and magnificently, spattered a vast volume of cream all over himself and the rest of us.

“Well done, guys!” I said. “Now it’s time for your golden shower…”

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