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Jax Atwell Knows What’s Up in Atlanta–Thats Why He Requests Hung Ginger Connor Taylor for an At-Home Massage

by Tony Bullock

Young masseur Connor opened the door to his new client and his jaw instantly hit the floor! Jax was dark and tanned with just the right amount of facial hair. He plainly had a very good body under those loose-fitting clothes. Connor assumed he was straight and probably way out of his league, so as he left the massage room to give Jax a bit of privacy whilst undressing, he decided he was gonna keep things professional. But his cock didn’t get the memo!

Connor walked back into the room to find Jax lying almost naked, face down on the massage table, his jockstrap framing a perfect, smooth bubble butt. Connor wasn’t wearing anything under his shorts, so, when his dick stood to attention, it stuck out of the fabric at a 90 degree angle. “Thank God he’s face down,” he thought.

Connor immediately got some oil on Jax’ back and started working it in. He’d got the vibe from Jax that he wanted a light, gentle massage. No deep tissue work. Just a relaxed, unhurried, sensual rub down. He slowly worked his hands down Jax’ back, but couldn’t take his eyes off his ass. It was SO good: pert, peachy, muscular.

“One touch,” he thought, whilst allowing his hand to drift across Jax’ ass cheek. It felt incredible. Jax shuddered and Connor tried to work out if it was a good “do that again” shudder, or a “take your filthy hands off me” shudder!

He turned his attention to Jax’ legs but before long, his hands had made their way back up to Jax’ ass. He rubbed it with a little more confidence this time and Jax moaned again. It was a definite moan of pleasure. Connor could see goose-flesh forming on the top of his arms.

Connor decided to take his T-shirt off. His pale body didn’t have an ounce of fat on it and in recent months, he’d been hitting the gym, working on his six pack. He was looking good.

Jax made ever-more appreciative sounds as the massage continued. The noises made Connor feel more confident. And horny. He fiddled with his hard cock through his baggy shorts, before allowing them to fall to the floor. Jax would have seen the shorts hitting the carpet through the hole in the table. He’d have known that Connor was getting naked, but he didn’t complain. Connor was almost on a promise…

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