Stressed About Opening Night, Aiden Joseph Unwinds With Stepdad’s Dick

Carousel's Billy Bigelow is a monster part—so what better way to forget about it than with Musclebear Montreal's monster cock?

Poor Aiden Joseph! He had no idea that he was talented until he auditioned for the school play on a dar from his buddies. But turns out, this jock also sings like an angel—and so now he’s playing Billy Bigelow in the high school drama teacher’s gritty modern reimagining of Carousel.

Not only does Billy have to sing “Soliloquy,” but he has a lot of lines to learn! And Aiden is so stressed out he hasn’t even been able to jerk off properly in days. Every time he tries, he just flashes to rehearsals and wonders if he’ll be able to make that key change in front of an audience.

So Aiden is struggling by the time he finally asks for help running lines from his step-father, Musclebear Montreal (it’s French). Unfortunately, the older man’s pheromones start doing a number on poor Aiden, whose mind is all cattywampus already from the lush Rodgers and Hammerstein score and not being able to nut properly. Before long, Billy and the show are forgotten as Aiden busts all over.

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