More ‘Into the Woods’—and Still No Songs? At Least We Have a Hot Raw Fuck Between Rocky Vallarta and Edward Terrant.

Gasoline is expensive, so lost traveler Edward needs to make the trip a worthwhile one for Rocky to give him a ride.

Yes, Raging Stallion is still releasing Into the Woods scenes—and still no musical interludes? Probably for the best, honestly. They’d have to cut some of the book scenes (or, as they’re known in the porn world, fucking) to make room for the songs. And then we’d lose out on lost Edward Terrant having to earn a ride from Rocky Vallarta with his mouth and hole.

Getting long dicked raw is always better than walking, so Edward bounces bareback on Rocky’s big dick until he shoots a warm load all over Rocky’s thigh. Making sure he earns his ride, Rocky stands over Edward and delivers his load straight to his open mouth.

Now how could we ask anyone to sing with a mouthful of cum? We’re not in college anymore.

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