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Blindfolded Logan Gets Barebacked and Bred by Hung Muscle Guy Calvin Pratt

by Tony Bullock

Calvin was already hard when he knocked on the door. He looked seriously sexy. He’s got a banging hot body and a kind of sexual aura about him. A confidence. You’d notice him in a crowd.

He looked down at Logan on the bed and smiled. He was plainly gonna enjoy fucking him again and was obviously highly turned on to know that Calvin had no clue it was him! His clothes were off in seconds, I handed him a Zorro-type mask to wear, and he walked straight across to the bed with his rock hard, massive dick leading the way.


Even I was surprised when he simply knelt behind Logan, pushed his legs apart a little, and shoved his raw cock straight inside him. No chat. No foreplay. Straight to fucking.

Logan gasped, a mixture of agony and ecstasy, then threw his hand back to slow Calvin down, but the fixed look on Calvin’s face made it clear that he wasn’t stopping for anyone. Within seconds of pushing himself inside, he was banging Logan at top speed, literally slamming his dick into him, balls slapping violently against his ass cheeks.

Logan went quiet for a moment. I wondered if he’d worked out who was fucking him, but it became clear that he was simply attempting to regulate his breathing, trying to get a handle on what was happening.

I wasn’t surprised he was feeling bewildered. Just as he got used to one speed or level of thrust, Calvin would change things up and start pounding him with a different level of intensity. No let up, just hard, fast, brutal, grueling fucking!

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