Jamie Allen Finds an Abandoned House, and Then Lucas Morrison Finds His Tight Ass

Like you've never hauled your dick out in the courtyard of an empty house and then gotten caught and bred?

Ah, a solo walk in the countryside. All that fresh air, the bucolic beauty—the abandoned houses that get your dick rock hard and leaking. What? You’ve never come across an empty house, found a quiet alcove, and pulled out your cock to blow off some steam? Then get out of my and Jamie Allen’s ways, because we’re alone, the house seems not haunted, and we have loads to bust!

Pump and dump may be the general idea rattling around in Jamie’s head, but luckily he’s getting much more when Lucas Morrison also shows up! What are the odds, right? He doesn’t waste too much time before he’s slamming his bare dick into Jamie’s muscular ass, fucking him to a mutual cum-spewing orgasm.

What’s your favorite abandoned building to jerk off in?

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