Watch Mateo Zagal Use Employee Milo Mandera’s Ass at Work

Honestly, this new Raging Stallion My Boss Is a Dick video is really making us miss offices!

I’ve had dick bosses and I’ve had hot bosses—and I’ve had dick bosses who I jacked off to and hated myself for. But I have never had a boss’ dick. My internship supervisor’s, sure. My boss’ husband’s, naturally. Taking dick in front of a former boss? Well, the holidays are a weird time for many of us. But never an actual employer’s!

If you’re in the same unfucked boat, please join me in stroking one out to Mateo Zagal absolutely owning Milo Madera in the restroom in Raging Stallion’s new update to My Boss Is a Dick. And if you have been fucked by your boss, then please comment with all the dirty details below!

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